Matthew Congrove, Lieutenant Colonel, CAP

Lt. Col. Congrove was selected as the Texas Wing Public Affairs Officer of the Year in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and received the same award from Florida Wing in 2006. He served as a member of the working group that updated the Public Affairs regulation set in 2017 and played a key role in developing the new Marketing and Communications program in 2022. He is currently assigned to Civil Air Patrol headquarters as the National Brand Manager and is a Master-rated Public Affairs Officer.

Lt. Col. Congrove is a member of the Volunteer University faculty, teaching levels 1 through 4 of the professional development program as well as the Squadron Commander Course. He has completed the highest tier of the program, Level 5, and received Gill Robb Wilson Award #3,885.

He has served in public affairs for one squadron and one group in Texas Wing, three squadrons and two groups in Florida Wing, and served as the Deputy Director of Public Affairs for Headquarters Florida Wing. He also served as the Deputy Director of Information Technology in Florida Wing. During his time with Headquarters Florida Wing he designed the Florida Wing patch.

Previously, Lt. Col. Congrove was a squadron commander for the Texas Wing 435th in San Marcos, TX, where he led the unit to their selection as Texas Wing's Squadron of Merit and a national Unit Citation award in 2016.

Lt. Col. Congrove joined the Civil Air Patrol in 1999 as a cadet, re-joining as an officer in 2006. He is a mission-rated Public Information Officer with FEMA NIMS/ICS training, and has served on various high-profile missions including Hurricane Harvey, Falcon Virgo supporting Super Bowl LI, Falcon Virgo supporting National Capital Region (Washington, D.C.) defense, a Florida Wing and Texas Wing USAF OPSEVAL, and NASA-Kennedy Space Center support operations.

Additionally, Lt. Col. Congrove is a commercial-rated pilot with multi-engine and instrument endorsements.



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